Rushing Wind

Last Sunday morning I was at home flipping channels and started watching a preacher who was talking about Ezekiel. He was drawing the congregation's attention to a certain passage. Then I heard a weird rustling sound, like a strong wind blowing through the trees. When I realized what I was hearing, I was moved to tears– it was the sound of hundreds of believers turning to the passage in their Bibles! Beautiful!

Author: John

I am from Huntsville, AL, but I've lived in the Nashville, TN area for over half of my life. I've had a few different jobs-- mostly computer-related. Married Cara in '04. (yay me!) Over the years my hobbies have included stand-up comedy and music, but now my passion/burden is for evangelism. I share the Gospel on the streets of Nashville and a few other places around the Southeast. I preach and hand-out tracts and talk to people about Jesus.