Nashville Evangelist

john_preaching02My passion/calling/burden is for proclaiming the Gospel around the Nashville, TN area. Yes, very odd indeed, but very much needed. I go out on the streets whenever I can to preach and talk with people about Jesus Christ. You may see me on Broadway (usually near 2nd or 3rd Ave.), outside the arena, near the stadium or at other outside events– wherever there are people who need Jesus (which is everywhere). If you are interested in learning about how to¬† share the Gospel or are an evangelist in the area (and I don’t know you), please contact me.

Author: John

I am from Huntsville, AL, but I've lived in the Nashville, TN area for over half of my life. I've had a few different jobs-- mostly computer-related. Married Cara in '04. (yay me!) Over the years my hobbies have included stand-up comedy and music, but now my passion/burden is for evangelism. I share the Gospel on the streets of Nashville and a few other places around the Southeast. I preach and hand-out tracts and talk to people about Jesus.

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