What it’s like being married to an evangelist…

Just thought I’d throw this out here.

It’s actually quite amazing, in a good way! So, the guy TOTALLY cannot go hardly more than a week without finding an opportunity to go and share the good news about Christ. I think last weekend, he went out to three different locations to evangelize. “Evangelize” means that he preaches sometimes, he reads the bible out loud sometimes, and most often he hands out gospel tracts.

He’s quite sensitive to stories about people who’ve been touched by God in just about any way–whether that means saved, healed, or delivered… or just plain stories where God shows up in the picture in unexpected ways. His heart breaks for the lost, and he weeps when the Holy Spirit touches him.

Who could ask for more? I am married to a man who loves with His Father’s heart and, as a result, feels compelled to tell as many as he possibly can about how to be in relationship with God in a way that will change your life!

All my love,
The Wife
(aka Cara Colleen Coble)